Friday, August 17, 2012

26. The Proposal

By:  Mary Balogh
Rated 4 Stars
Audio Book

I have been a little off Mary Balogh lately.  I really didn't care that much about her last series.  However with this book she went back to one of her older series, the books that began with Slightly and  featured her of her secondary characters Gwen, Lady Muir.  It's not a great book but it's not bad either.  I enjoyed the change of pace from the other books I have been reading.  I need the balance. :)

Book Description:

After her husband dies in a freak accident, Lady Gwendoline Muir never dreams she'll love again. So when soldier-turned-nobleman Lord Hugo Trentham stirs feelings in her that have lain dormant for years, she can't help but imagine his strong embrace. Hugo finds himself drawn to Gwen, but he's never courted a woman before. Can he muster the right words to make Gwen open her heart and love once more?
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