Friday, December 4, 2009

128. Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously - DNF

By Jullie Powell
Rated: DNF
From:  Library, Thank Goodness

I heard great things about the movie that was based on this book.  I haven't seen it myself but I sure hope it is better than this book.

This book was really not about cooking, or Julia Child or even about blogging.  This was one great long whiney, profane rant with a lot of boring libral politics thrown in.  (And I'm a liberal for heavens sake and still could not stomach it.)

This person could not write.  Any creativity the book managed to come up with the author leached off of her husband.  BLECH!

127. My Cousin Caroline

By Rebecca Ann Collins
Rated 3 Stars
From:  Library

There was nothing new in this book.  It was a rehash from the first five.  I was very disappointed in it.


In this installment of The Pemberley Chronicles series, Mr. Darcy's cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth's cousin Caroline Gardiner take center stage.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, Caroline develops from a pretty young girl into a woman of intelligence and passion, embodying some of Austen's own values. Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, and the Wickhams all move through the story as Caroline falls in love, marries, and raises her children. Caroline rejects the role of a compliant Victorian wife and mother, instead becoming a spirited and outspoken advocate of reformist causes in spite of the danger of scandal.
Caroline's advocacy of reform, undaunted by criticism, demonstrates strength in a time when a woman's role was severely restricted.