Friday, April 30, 2010

33. God of the Hive

By Laurie King
Rated 4.4

I stayed up very late to finish God of the Hives. I HAD to finish it. It may well be my favorite of the series so far because the mystery was a real page turner. Russell only had a couple of Brat moments and there was one scene that made me laugh out loud. From time to time King attempts to write chaos (usually the same pursuit scene over and over) but this is the first time she has, IMO, really succeeded in pulling it off.

Publisher Summary:

A conclusion to the best-selling The Language of Bees finds Mary Russell picking up a mysterious friend while making her way back to London. Sherlock Holmes is busy investigating questions about a ruthless villain while hiding a wounded son, and murderous adversaries setting a deadly trap.

While Sherlock Holmes desperately seeks medical help for his gravely wounded son, Damien Adler, Mary Russell tries to protect Damien's daughter, Estelle, from the ruthless enemy pursuing all of them.