Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Campion, The Complete First Series - VIDEO

Based on books by Margery Allingham
Rated 3.5
From: Library

Episode 1: Look to the Lady  Rated 3.5 stars

I had insomnia last night so in the wee hours of this morning I popped the first DVD in my lap top and started watching Campion: the complete first season. I've only watched the first episode so far "Look to the Lady" and for me there is something about it that has really put me off.  All the regular spectacular things the BBC does so well are there.  Beautifully filmed, marvelous settings and costumes but still for me, no cigar.

Episode 2,  Police at the Funeral"   Rated 4 stars
This was a well plotted mystery with a surprise twist at the end.  Campion didn't act quite as silly in this on as he did the last but the episode was still very badly cast.  They could have saved the episode by going over the top far enough to qualify as satire but they couldn't even pull that off.  Only Uncle William came off as a character I could believe in.  I hope whoever directed this has given up directing  and is doing something in another field that they are better suited for.


At first it hit me as a down market version of Lord Peter Wimsey and Bunter but when I looked at publishing dates Sayer's first LPW book Whose Body was published in 1923 and Campion makes his first appearance in Allingham's books in 1929.  Too small a gap.  I think it must be the casting. 

The only thing I like about his side kick Lugg is his London East End accent.  That particular accent always cracks me up.  Other than that he is straight out of The Three Stooges.  The actor who plays Campion strikes me as someone who is trying way to hard to be clever.

I'll finish watching but so far will have to give it about a 3.5 rating, the filming, sets and costumes keeping it from being a DNF.