Saturday, April 2, 2011

24. Minding Frankie

By:  Mave Binchey
Rated: DNF

I have always liked Maeve Binchey and the description sounded good.  Therefore I was very surprised by the fact that this book didn't hit a single chord with me.  Boring!  I couldn't force myself to listen past 60 minutes and that was after a couple of tries.

Publisher Summary 
Maeve Binchy is back with a tale of joy, heartbreak and hope in a close-knit Dublin community.

When Noel learns that his former flame is terminally ill and pregnant with a child she claims is his, he agrees to take care of the baby girl once she’s born. But as a recovering alcoholic whose demons are barely under control, he can’t do it alone. Luckily, he has an amazing network of family and friends who are ready to help: love-starved Lisa, who becomes his round-the-clock partner in little Frankie’s care; his American cousin and pep-talker Emily; and the many eager babysitters from the neighborhood, including old friends like Signora and Aidan, Dr. Declan and his parents.

The unconventional arrangement works out beautifully—until a nosy social worker becomes convinced that Frankie would be better off in a foster home. Now it’s up to everyone in town to persuade her that each of them has something special to offer when it comes to minding Frankie.