Saturday, February 12, 2011

11. Life

By:Keith Richards & James Wise
Rated 4.5 Stars
From: Library

I picked this book up on a whim, mostly because it was about as far as I could get from Adolph Hitler and Winston Churchill.

What came through to me is that in spite of everything he was basically a very talented and decent human being who loved his family.  Yeah he did a lot of drugs but the only person he ever really hurt was himself.  It seemed to me that this kind of life often goes along with the kind of stardom he had and would probably drive almost anyone to seeking relief from all the pressure. He somehow managed (willy nilly) to have raised  four decent and seemingly happy and productive children and that is something even a lot of more conventional parents can't brag of.

I came away from this read liking him better than I expected too.  I really didn't know much about him before as I am not much into paying attention to the private lives of the people who make the music I just enjoy listening.

Publisher Summary 
As lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, the lyrics, and the songs that roused the world. A true and towering original, he has always walked his own path, spoken his mind, and done things his own way.

Now at last Richards pauses to tell his story in the most anticipated autobiography in decades. And what a story! Listening obsessively to Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records in a coldwater flat with Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, building a sound and a band out of music they loved. Finding fame and success as a bad-boy band, only to find themselves challenged by authorities everywhere. Dropping his guitar's sixth string to create a new sound that allowed him to create immortal riffs like those in "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Falling in love with Anita Pallenberg, Brian Jones's girlfriend. Arrested and imprisoned for drug possession. Tax exile in France and recording Exile on Main Street. Ever-increasing fame, isolation, and addiction making life an ever faster frenzy. Through it all, Richards remained devoted to the music of the band, until even that was challenged by Mick Jagger's attempt at a solo career, leading to a decade of conflicts and ultimately the biggest reunion tour in history.

In a voice that is uniquely and unmistakably him--part growl, part laugh--Keith Richards brings us the truest rock-and-roll life of our times, unfettered and fearless and true.