Sunday, February 28, 2010

17. Daughter of Time

By Josephine Tey
Rated 5 stars
Audio book

I have read this book before but I am finding out that listening is an entirely different experience.  It's become very clear this month that I read way too fast and do a lot of skimming.  By listening I am picking up on many nuances that zipped right past me.  For one thing the parallels in the story of how Richard III became such a villain by manipulation of events or out right lies for political gains and how the political pundits operate today is startling.  When you think about it, politicians have been devious and largely corrupt and the general public largely gullible probably since the first humans roamed the earth.


Josephine Tey is often referred to as the mystery writer for people who don't like mysteries. Her skills at character development and mood setting, and her tendency to focus on themes not usually touched upon by mystery writers, have earned her a vast and appreciative audience. In Daughter of Time, Tey focuses on the legend of Richard III, the evil hunchback of British history accused of murdering his young nephews. While at a London hospital recuperating from a fall, Inspector Alan Grant becomes fascinated by a portrait of King Richard. A student of human faces, Grant cannot believe that the man in the picture would kill his own nephews. With an American researcher's help, Grant delves into his country's history to discover just what kind of man Richard Plantagenet was and who really killed the little princes