Friday, May 18, 2012

18. The Eye of Jade

By Diane Wei Liang
Rated 4 Stars
Audio Book

This is a pretty  a good  book but I had to adjust my expectations in order to enjoy it.  I was expecting a mystery, and it is that, but only sort of.  But he whole mystery thing is not developed very well.  What interested me about the book was place and people.  I enjoy arm chair traveling and this book did a pretty good job with time-and-place.  It says this book is the first book in a series that the author is planning and I think she was laying a lot of background introductions to the characters and Mei's family situation.  If there is a book two I plan to give it a try.  There was just enough in this book to like that I will give this author another chance.  But if she doesn't get a handle on the mystery thing then Ms. Wei Liang and I will part company.

Here is a link to this book on amazon.