Friday, August 17, 2012

23. Game of Kings

By Dorothy Dunnett
Rated 5 Stars
Format:  Audio Book
In Progress

Book One of The Lymond Chronicles

I am re-reading (listening) to this book along with members of my on-line reading group.  These are the ladies who patiently held my hand through my first attempts to read The Lymond Chronicles 12 years ago. They are wonderful books but not a very easy read.  

The setting is 1547, in Edinborough, Scotland. Francis Crawford of Lymond returns to the country despite the charge of treason hanging over his head. Set on redeeming his reputation, He leads a company of outlaws against England as he fights for the country he loves so dearly. Dangerous, quick-witted, and utterly irresistible, Lymond is pure pleasure to watch as he traverses 16th-century Scotland in search of freedom.
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