Saturday, February 19, 2011

15. The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody

By Will Cuddy
Rated 5 Stars
From Library
Format: Printed Book

Back when I used to wander around the UK I bought one of two books in the Horrible Histories Series.  They were so funny and my my whole family read and enjoyed them.  View Horrible Histories

This book is written in very much the same style and again the entire family started saying "me next," " I'm after you."  I think I am going to send a set of these boxed up Horrible Histories to three of my Great Grandchilden for Christmas.  I hope I don't get them into too much trouble with their teachers.

Publisher Summary 1

Ever wonder what Nero did before he began fiddling about in Rome, or wanted the bare facts about Lady Godiva? Maybe you've found the story of Lucrezia Borgia a bitter pill to swallow, or wanted the straight skinny on corpulent King Henry the Eighth, but you haven't the stomach for stuffy history books. Now these and twenty-two more of history's most famous personages are brought brilliantly to life, in this collection of unfailingly accurate yet undeniably hilarious biographies. You'll laugh while you learn about the very real people behind the legendary names, including why Montezuma was so vengeful, and why Catherine was so Great. You'll even finally lay to rest the rumor that Charlemagne was called "Chuck" by his friends.
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