Saturday, February 19, 2011

14 One Unashamed Night

By:  Sophia James
Rated: 4 Stars
From: Library
Format:  Audio Book

This is a nice, moderately steamy little Historical Romance.  It had a decent story but one that wouldn't stand up to someone scrutinizing it too deeply for logic.  But for what it is, it is a nice little diversion.

Product Description

Living in a gray world of silhouette, Lord Taris Wellingham conceals his fading eyesight from society. He has long protected himself from any intimate relationships.

Plain twenty-eight-year-old Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke does not expect to attract any man, especially not one as good-looking as her remote traveling companion.

Forced by a snowstorm to spend the night together, these two lonely people seek solace in each other's arms. The passion they unleash surprises them both. Then a new day dawns....
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