Tuesday, July 21, 2009

80. A Matter of Justice

By:  Charles Todd
Rated 5 Stars
From:  Library

I have not been keeping track of these books as well as I should have and a couple of slipped past me.  I need to go bak and catch up.  This series is written by a Mother/Son writing team and I find it really remarckable  that they are seamless.  I would have never guessed that they were written by two people had the reviews not mentioned it.

Ian Rutledge is a WWI survivor who is haunted by a seventeen year old Scotsman who was killed serving under him.  He is a voice in Rutledge's head and delivers pithy and sarcastic remarks as Rutledge goes about solving crimes.

This book finds Rutledge traveling to a country estate in Somerset to investigate the bizarre murder of a well known London businessman.  While the man is liked and respected in London's business community he is universally despised by the people in the village where he lives with his family.

As his investigation progresses it is complicated by the fact that so many people have good reasons to wish the victim dead and several who are willing to take the blame for the murder.  This book was so well plotted that I had no idea who the actual murderer was until the very end of the book.  I need to go back and find the other books in this series that I missed.
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