Sunday, July 19, 2009

79. The Black Pearl, #5

By:  Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Rated 4.5 Stars

These books are entering my least favorite period of English History simply because the Stuart monarch were such a dim witted bunch.  CHE is giving a very charitable view of them but I'm afraid my mind was already made up about them.  Fortunately the book focuses on the Moreland family and not on the monarchs.  That saves the story for me.

AMAZON REVIEW:  Book Five of this series focuses on the life of young Annunciata, illegitimate daughter of Prince Rupert of the Rhine. It begins in 1664 ands ends in 1666. Annunciata moves from her quiet, old castle home outside York to be presneted before the newly crowned Charles II at court. She is put into the household of the new Duchess of York. Meanwhile, at Morland Place, Ralph is trying to make his wife, Mary Moubray happier. A spy is in the house. Ralph has to cope(sp?) with all this while Mary secretly meets with the priest for the forbidden mass of her Catholic faith. Ralph's uncle and best friend, Edward, is forced to leave the Place. He goes to London to live with Ralph's father, Richard. From there he goes to France and brings back with him, Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland. There he meets his chilhood love, Annunciata's future husband, Hugo McNiell, Viscount Ballincrea. A cousin of Ralph's, Kit, is trying to get his lands in Scotland back that were stolen in the Civil War. He has some bad luck. All this unfolds into an illustrious tale of revenge, passion and intrigue. The Morlands' finest hour has arrived.
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