Friday, April 17, 2009

Prince Valiant, DVD

Rated 5 Stars
Purchased from Amazon.

I noticed that several people I know were participating in an Authurian challange.  But I am a much bigger Prince Valiant fan than I am King Authur so I went looking on amazon to see what was available.

There was a  surprisingly affordable set of DVD (season 1) so I jumped right on it.  I loved it for several different reasons.

1.  It remains true to the original Prince Valliant that I knew and loved.  I never saw this TV series, I only remember him from the comic section of the newspaper and from comic books.  But thank goodness whoever produced this resisted the temptation to "improve" it beyond all recognition.

2)  The writing is dated, and that is exactly what I like about it.  Also the art work is as good, staying very true to what was published originally.  The animation is a little mediocre, due to the cost cutting the studios have done in the animation field but cutting down on the number of frames and producing slightly jerks results.  But still, for 5 DVD's at a total price of $7 I hardly think I have much of a complaint.

3)  The episones all have good plots andt are well written for a story line that has been around since 1937!

I was not a reader in the early days of the comic strip, but by the mid 1940's I certainly was.  This is what started me down the road of Historical/Fantasy/Romance.  And I have been happily traveling that road now for about 60 years.
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