Saturday, April 18, 2009

40. Palace Circle

By Rebecca Dean
Rated:  3.75
From:  Library
 This book was just a tad light on the history part for my taste.  Better she had set this book in another era than to skip so lightly over the events in this book.  Characters in this place and time would have been effected more profoundly than the ones in this novel were.  While it was a pretty good story I found myself becoming irritated by the shallowness of the writing.  Just me probably. *shrug*
LIBRARY SUMMARY:  Palace intrigue, romance, and illicit affairs—Rebecca Dean has written a glorious novel that will sweep Philippa Gregory fans off their feet. Delia Chandler, an eighteen-year-old Southern girl, marries Viscount Ivor Conisborough just before World War II, becoming part of the Windsor court. It’s every girl’s dream come true. But Delia is jolted from her pleasant life when she realizes, after the birth of her two daughters, that Ivor chose her only to bear an heir to his estate. Shortly thereafter, she begins an affair with her husband’s handsome, titled, and frequently scandalous best friend. When Conisborough is appointed as an adviser to King Fuad of Egypt, Delia exchanges one palace circle for another, far different one. While she sees Egypt as a place of exile, her two daughters regard Egypt as their home. Only when war comes to Cairo—and Delia finally reveals the secret she has kept for so long—can she begin to heal the divisions separating her from those she loves.
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