Sunday, February 22, 2009

22. While My Sister Sleeps

By Barbara Delinsky
Rated 5 Stars
From:  Library

Delinsky has long been one of my favorite authors and I was not disappointed with this, her latest book.  The relationship between the sisters Molly and Robin Snow really rang true to me, although I will admit I never had a sister of my own.  Always wanted on though.

The plot device that Delinsky used to really bring this book together for me was a diary written my Robin that Molly discovers among her things.  I loved the way it showed how each individual in a family relates to their parents and siblings differently.  The parent or sibling that one person knows is not necessarily the parent or sibling other family members know even though they are the same people.  I thought Delinsky did a wonderful job of making that point.

From the Library Summary:

 Molly and Robin Snow are sisters, and like all sisters they share a deep bond that sustains them through good times and bad. Their careers are flourishing—Molly is a horticulturist and Robin is a world-class runner—and they are in the prime of their lives. So when Molly receives the news that Robin has suffered a massive heart attack, she couldn’t be more shocked. At the hospital, the Snow family receives a grim prognosis: Robin may never regain consciousness. As Robin’s parents and siblings struggle to cope, the complex nature of their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Molly has always lived in Robin’s shadow and her feelings for her have run the gamut, from love to resentment and back. The last time they spoke, they argued. But now there is so much more at stake. Molly’s parents fold under the devastating circumstances, and her brother retreats into the cool reserve that is shattering his own family. It’s up to Molly to make the tough decisions, and she soon makes discoveries that destroy some of her most cherished beliefs about the sister she thought she knew. Once againNew York Timesbestselling author Barbara Delinsky brings us a masterful family portrait, filled with thought-provoking ideas about the nature of life itself, how emotions affect the decisions we make, and how letting go can be the hardest thing to do and the greatest expression of love all at the same time.
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