Saturday, February 21, 2009

21. The Horizon

By Douglas Reeman
Rated 5 Stars

I have been a fan of Douglas Reeman's books from way, way back.  This is the third book in his series about the Royal Marine Corps and the Blackwood Family.

Although I am very much a peace loving, pacifist at heart I have a very strange attractions to war stories.  One of my funny quirks.

Product Description
Set in the years 1914-1918, this is the third book in the Blackwood saga. For three generations, members of the Blackwood family served the Royal Marines with distinction. With the outbreak of World War I, at last comes Jonathan Blackwood's turn to carry the family name into battle. But as the young marines embark for the Dardanelles, and a new kind of warfare, it dawns on them that the days of scarlet coats and an unchanging tradition of honour and glory have gone forever. First in Gallipoli, and two years later at Flanders, comes their horrifying initiation into a wholescale slaughter for which no training could ever have prepared them. Caught up in the savagery of a conflict beyond any officer's control, Blackwood's future rests on the 'horizon' - the dark lip of the trench which was the last fateful sight for so many.
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