Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hong Kong

By Jan Morris
Rated: 3 Stars

I am a big fan of travel books and if this were 1995 and if I was planning to travel to Hong Kong I would have found this book invaluable.  It's an interesting and well written snap shot of Hong Kong during the 1980's with a brief mentions here and there of what happened in the past as background information for what is happening at the present.  All from a British POV.  But as reader looking for a comprehensive history of Hong Kong this book falls short.   

What this book does is give to give the reader a sense of what colonial Hong Kong was like for the British which is almost exactly what it was like for the British in India.  They created their own self absorbed little bubble everywhere they went and life outside that bubble only existed as it related to them. Interesting but no surprises for the reader there. 

Where this book falls sadly short is examine the part the Chinese played.  The Chinese made up 96% of the population, but are described repeatedly as a mysterious, superstitious mass.  Energetic and hard working but whose motives and culture were unfathomable to the westerner.

When I finished this book I had more questions than I had when I began and I'm off to find a real history of Hong Kong.  One that includes the years after 1997 to now.  
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