Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Between the Lines Series

By Tammara Webber
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This series follows the lives of a group of Hollywood actors who meet during the filming a remake of Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice into a modern day version called School Pride. During the course of this series the readers follows the cast members as they film the movie, party, cope with constant media attention and paparazzi, fall into and out of love and cope with revelations from the past.  

All four of the books in this series are very well written and it held my interest all the way from book 1 through book 4.  And the very best part for me is that there are no explicit sex scenes I have to fast forward through.  The book is plenty steamy but the author is smart enough and skilled enough that when her characters climbed into bed they were making love not hooking up. Except for Reid of course, because he really was a bad boy until he . . . .  Oh, sorry - no spoilers allowed here.   Anyway, this author really is very good and I will continue to buy as many of her books she cares to write.

Between The Lines is Book 1 of this series and I'm giving it a 5 star rating. This book has two narrators.  Reid Alexander, Hollywood heart throb and bad boy and Emma Pierce an up and coming young actress.  Most of the main and some of the secondary characters are introduced in this book which covers the actual filming of the movie.

Where You Are is Book Two and my least favorite of the series.  But I am still giving it a 4 Star rating because a) it isn't the books fault I didn't like it as much as the others; and b) because it sets up the story for much of  the rest of the series.  This book has four narraters, Reid, Emma, Graham and Brooke.  Reid and Brooke are scheming, Graham and Emma are trying to build a relationship.

Good For You, Book 3 in the story is where Reid gets his comeuppance. It's narrated by Reid and Dory.  Dory is introduced in this book and is my absolute least favorite character in the series.  If you read the reviews for this book you will discover that a lot of people like her.  But she is just way to goody-goody for me.

Here Without You, Book 4 in the series is where Reid gets his act together, Brooke completely redeems herself, and Dory comes out way better than she deserves.

So that's it.  I don't think I've written a single spoiler *phew*  This was a fun series to read.  I highly recommend it.
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