Sunday, June 26, 2011

34. Strange Images of Death

By:  Barbara Cleverly
Rated: 4.5 Stars
From:  Library
Format:  Hard Cover Book

I have been following this author ever since her first novel The Last Kashmiri Rose hooked me in 2008.  While this is not, in my opinion, one of her best, it's still an engaging mystery with some delightful secondary characters from previous  mysteries making an appearance.  Witty dialogue is this author's forte along with interesting settings that are of course, set in a period that I particularly enjoy.

Publisher's Summary:

Since Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands was going to drive down to the French Riviera for a vacation, he agreed to drop his niece off at a chateau along the way for a visit with her father. But when the pair arrive at the chateau, they find recent vandalism has caused an uneasy atmosphere among the guests. A troubling crime committed just before their arrival leaves a clear message that more violence is to come. To allay panic, Joe agrees to stay on and root out the guilty person. But, despite Joe’s vigilance, a child goes missing and an artist’s beautiful young model is murdered in circumstances eerily recreating a six hundred-year-old crime of passion.

Helped and hindered by a rising star of the French Police Judiciaire, Joe must delve into a horror story from the castle’s past before he can tear the mask from the diseased soul responsible for these contemporary crimes.
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