Saturday, March 20, 2010

20. The Crimson Rooms

By: Katharine McMahon
Rated 4.5 Stars

I am hoping the author writes a sequel to this. In fact I e-mailed and asked her if one was in the works. She replied and said that while she didn't write it with a sequel in mind she had gotten a lot of positive feed back and was thinking about it. I will keep an eye out. I really liked the characters and felt that there was a lot still left to tell about.

Still haunted by the death of her only brother, James, in the Great War, Evelyn Gifford is completely unprepared when a young nurse and her six-year-old son appear on the Giffords' doorstep one night. The child, the nurse claims, is James's, conceived in a battlefield hospital. The grief-stricken Giffords take them both in; but Evelyn, a struggling attorney, must now support her entire family-at a time when work for women lawyers is almost nonexistent.

Suddenly a new case falls in Evelyn's lap: Seemingly hopeless, it's been abandoned by her male coworkers. The accused-a veteran charged with murdering his young wife- is almost certain to die on the gallows. . . . And yet, Evelyn believes he is truly innocent, just as she suspects there may be more to the story of her "nephew" than meets the eye. . .
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