Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharpe's Rifles - VIDEO

Rated 4.5
From Netflix

I just finished watching the first episode. EXCELLENT. However I have a few comments. Lots of swashing and buckling, some violence - this about war after all-but not none of it was the in-your-face kind. Little bits of very funny dry humor popped in when you were least expecting it. The acting and filmography was really, really good. Sean Bean couldn't have been better


I hated that they threw in Sharpe and the Spanish girl playing kissy face and then when they starting rolling around in the hay with her half dressed that pretty much tore it for me. Have you ever rolled around in the hay? I have had a passing acquaintances with hay lofts in my life when and the last thing you would do in one was take half your clothes off and roll around in it. Hay is very scratchy. They just tossed that in and it didn't add a thing to the story except make the ending a little silly. Luckily it was at the very end so it didn't distract from the story. 

Other than that I have no complaints. Oh wait, I forgot. The French Army hats. I can't imagine any one designing such a stupid looking hat at any time in history. I thought the French were supposed to have a sense of style. Obviously that is not always the case.


Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean), a maverick British army officer fighting against Napoleon in 19th century Spain. In Sharpe's Rifles, the first movie of the series, Sharpe saves Sir Arthur Wellesley's life and is promoted to lieutenant. But when he's put in charge of a company that doesn't respect him, his dangerous mission behind enemy lines could be compromised.
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