Monday, October 12, 2009

112. The Natural Laws of Good Luck

By:  Ellen Graf
Rated 1 Star, DNF
From:  Library

I am the type of person who finds a lot of things about life amusing.  Sometimes I am the only person in a room laughing.  So I was shocked when I discovered that contrary to the reviews I did not find one single things about this book funny.

For the most part, I really enjoy enjoy learning about other people lives and experiences, especially from other cultures. So, The Natural Laws of Good Luck sounded like a wonderful book, but sadly it was not a book for me.

This book came across to me as being about two people who were more alike than unalike, people who never thought a single thing through, never looked before they leaped even from the highest cliff and got a lot of perverse pleasure out of doing every thing the hardest way possible and being delighted with slip shod results.  I got so tired of them both blundering their way along and never leaning from their experiences that I finally just gave up in disgust.

The quirky and funny story of a woman in upstate New York who marries a man from China whom she barely knows. They don’t share a language or a culture, but together they discover what matters most—a story of taking risks, culture clash, and the journey to real love.
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