Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DNF - Honey in the Horn

 This book simply could not hold my interest.  It was basically variations of the same thing over and over.

It's possible that I was already biased against this author after I read the Forward.  He sounded like a person who was very puffed up with his own importance and had very overblown opinion of his own writing style.  He considered himself the greatest writer ever to come out of the Pacific Northwest.  A comment tailor made to put my nose out of joint before I even read the first page.

Publisher Comments:

In this epic work by award-winning novelist, poet, and essayist H.L. Davis, the virtues of the frontier live again in the lives and characters of Oregon settlers during the homesteading period from 1906-1908. Winner of the 1936 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
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