Saturday, August 22, 2009

95. THE EMPEROR, #11

H, fRated 4 Stars
From:  Amazon

This book left me with a slightly sour taste in my mouth after reading it.  Then I figured it out.  It was James.  I really don't like James.  I did when he was a boy but as an adult he is turning into a whining wimp.  I don't think much of Lucy either but I do feel sorry for her husband. I wish Harrod-Eagles would stop killing off the characters that I like and letting the ones I don't care much for live to such an old age. *sigh*

It is 1705, and the shadow of Napoleon is falling across Europe, and a restlessness seems to be changing mores and loosening society’s restraints. At Morland Place, James’ marriage to Mary Ann is falling apart; Lucy’s to Chetwyn is in the balance as she embarks on a blatant affair with a sea officer; and William supports a mistress he cannot marry. Mary goes to sea with her husband Captain Haworth and is caught up in the battle of the Nile; and as war becomes inevitable, Lucy knows she must say goodbye to her love as every fighting captain waits eagerly for his commission.
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