Friday, July 31, 2009

84. The Chevalier, #7

Cynthis Harrod-Eagles
Rated:  4.5
From:  amazon

The historical detail in these books are some of the most reader friendly I have ever read.  And a good thing it is too because this book is not populated with very appealing characters.  At least to me they are not.  But keeping the continuity of this marvelous series has become important to me so I grit my teeth and JKR.  Will Annunciata NEVER die?  *sigh*

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  1689: the Restoration enabled the Morland family to restore their own fortune, but now the Jacobite rebellion brings another threat to their security.

Annunciata Morland, fiercely loyal to the Stuart cause, follows her beloved king, James II, into exile. She leaves her gentle grandson, Matt, to oversee Morland Place in her absence. Without her wise presence, Matt finds himself in an arranged marriage to India Neville and at the mercy of a woman as heartless as she is beautiful. After a lonely and sheltered life he lurches between the exquisite pain of love and the torment of deep despair.

When James III � the Chevalier � returns to claim the Stuart throne, the Morlands are reunited in one country. Death and defeat threaten them, but their loves and loyalty prove stronger than kingly ambitions.
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