Tuesday, May 12, 2009

54. Bill Bryson's African Diary

Rated 4 Stars
From:  Amazon

Thank you Beth for recommending this book.  I would not of known it existed otherwise.

All royalties and profits from this book go   to CARE International.  It's short, only 49 pages and in parts it is genuinely funny and in other parts genuinely moving.

FROM AMAZON:  Bryson visits Kenya at the invitation of CARE International, the charity dedicated to eradicating poverty. Kenya is a land of contrasts, with famous game reserves and a vibrant culture. It also provides plenty to worry a traveller like Bill Bryson, fixated as he is on the dangers posed by snakes, insects and large predators. It is also a country with many serious problems: refugees, AIDS, drought, and grinding poverty. The resultant diary, though short in length, contains the trademark Bryson stamp of wry observation and curious insight.
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