Saturday, May 2, 2009

47. Insight

By Deborah Raney
Rated 4.5
From Library

I was halfway through this book before I realized it was an Inspirational Romance.  I was surprised that it was so well written.  The author managed to weave her "message" into the story so well that it actually made sense and she didn't feel like she had to repeatedly bash the reader over the head with it by having her characters suddenly shout out scripture in inappropriate places and declaring that they were Christians at the top of their lungs.  I gave it a little extra rating because of this.  Good for Deborah Raney.

LIBRARY SUMMARY:  She's having a baby.  It's a blessing that brings comfort to newly widowed Olivia Cline. Yet with no insurance, no job and precious little money, how will Olivia care for herself and her child?The answer is a handsome and brooding artist seeking an assistant. Reed Vincent has recently regained his eyesight, thanks to a donor. And through his eyes, Olivia begins to see all the possibilities before her. Before them. Until, in a flash of insight, she knows why his signature is so hauntingly familiar….The revelation could tear the couple apart…or open their eyes to a new journey from sorrow to joy.
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