Saturday, March 28, 2009

DNF - The Long Way Home

Audrey Howard has been one of my favorite UK authors ever since I read The Mallow Years, All the Dear Faces and There is no Parting.  While browsing I saw she had a new book out called The Long Way Home, a novel of WWI.  So I ordered it from  I hardly ever order from them because the exchange rate and shipping is usually so high.  Elizabeth Chadwick is my only must order from there.  But this book was such a mess that I would like to know who really wrote it and what have they done with Audrey Howard.  There is no way the same woman who wrote All the Dear Faces is the same one who wrote this over the top melodrama. (and for a melodrama to go over the top . . . well!)  I didn't hurl it at the wall but I thought about it.
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