Thursday, February 12, 2009


Directed by:  Oliver Stone
Rated 4.5
From:  Netflix

I suspect that this is a film that many people will like and a few will take strong exception to.  Since I wasn't a fan of Mr. Bush in the beginning and came to detest him for what he did to my country I pretty much liked it.  

  Josh Brolin is really excellent as W. He doesn't have have so much the look, as he does the body language and the voice. He really nailed playing a man of extremely limited intelligence but one just smart enough to realize that he was inadequate but not smart enough to figure out what to do about it.  I think this is a pretty accurate portrayal. 

Richard Dreyfus as Dick Cheney did an excellent job of portraying  a Svengali like creature whispering evil suggestions in little Georgie's ear and manipulating him to carry out his agenda for his master plan for the USA to control as much of the world's oil as we can.

Much of the story flashes back to the lead up to the Iraq War with showing why the first President Bush didn't go all the way to Baghdad.  Bruce McGill does a great George Tennant  trying to explain, repeatedly, that there's no evidence of nukes in Iraq.

There was a really great line in the movie where Bush Sr tells a young George W.  "You can't spend your life drinking, partying and chasing women! You're not a Kennedy, for God's sake!"

And he's right. George W Bush is many, many things, but he's certainly no Kennedy.
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