Friday, November 28, 2008

85. The Elfish Gene

By:  Mark Barrowcliff
Rated 4 Stars
From:  Purchased
My ten year old Great Grandson was very impressed that I was reading this.  He told me that for a Great Grandmother I read interesting books. 
--BOOK JACKET.  "In the summer of 1976, twelve-year-old Mark Barrowcliffe had the chance to be normal. He blew it. While other teenagers were being coolly rebellious, Mark - like twenty million other boys in the 1970s and 80s - chose to spend his entire adolescence pretending to be a wizard or a warrior, an evil priest or a dwarf. He had discovered Dungeons Dragons, and his life would never be the same. No longer would he have to settle for being Mark Barrowcliffe, an ordinary awkward teenager from working-class Coventry; he could be Alf the Elf, Foghat the Gnome or Effilc Worrab, an elf warrior with the head of a mule." "Armed with only pen, paper and some funny-shaped dice, this lost generation gave themselves up to the craze of fantasy role-playing games and everything that went with it - from heavy metal to magic mushrooms to believing your bike is a horse named Shadowfax. Spat at by bullies, laughed at by girls, now they rule the world. They were the geeks, the fantasy wargamers, and this is their story."
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