Friday, September 12, 2008

71. A Rather Curious Engagement

By C. A. Belmond
Rated 4 Stars
From Library

American freelancer-turned-heiress Penny Nichols is back for more fun and another engaging international romp with her English hero, Jeremy. Pursued by gigolos, gold-diggers, an ex-wife, and highly aggressive salesmen chasing after their millions, Penny and Jeremy decide to take the summer off and sock away most of their inheritance for one year. But they allow themselves one big "splurge" from their wish list-- and that's where all the trouble begins. At an auction on the French Riviera, Penny and Jeremy win much more than they bargain for, uncovering a centuries-old rivalry involving the theft of a priceless treasure linked to Beethoven's Germany, the mysterious island of Corsica, a luxurious 1920s yacht, and a medieval castle on Lake Como, Italy.--From publisher description.
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