Sunday, August 24, 2008

66. Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

By Paul Theroux
Rated 4 stars
From Library

This book get a 5 star review at amazon and is breathlessly reviewed on the site:

Amazon Best of the Month, August 2008: Way back in the dark pre-Internet, limited-air-travel world of 1975, the way to get from Europe to Asia was by train. A young and ambitious writer named Paul Theroux made his literary mark by taking the 28,000-mile intercontinental journey via rail from London to Tokyo and back home again. His book, The Great Railway Bazaar, became a travel-lit classic. Thirty years later, an older, wiser, and even less sanguine Theroux decided to retrace his steps. The result is Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, a fascinating account of the places you vaguely knew existed (Tbilisi), probably won't ever go to (Bangalore), but definitely should know something about (Mandalay). Get on board Theroux's fast-moving travelogue, which features some of the most astute commentary on our distorted notions of time, space, and each other in the age of jet speed, broadband connections, and cultural extinction. --Lauren Nemroff --

I am finding parts of this book beautifully written and then again parts of it are a little hard going for me. I just finished reading a 107 word sentence that shifted focus several times and IMO should have been several paragraphs if not chapters. Doesn't this man have an editor? But it is good book. Right now the author is wandering around the Republic of Georgia and you can't get much more topical than that.
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