Thursday, May 1, 2008

39. Three Girls and Their Brother

Rated Four Stars
By Theresa Rebeck
From: Library

I thought at first this was going to end up being one of those Paris Hilton type things but I am glad I stuck with it because it turned out to be a pretty good story.

FROM LIBRARY REVIEW: "The three beautiful, red-headed Heller sisters, granddaughters of a respected literary critic, are inexplicably hailed by The New Yorker in a lavish photo spread as the new "it" girls. And so the rise to fame begins for Daria, Polly, and Amelia as fashion magazines, famous, sleazy actors, and paparazzi relentlessly take notice. Philip, their neglected and marginalized brother, is the lone voice of dissent, as the sisters soon become household names, quit school, and are featured on an eight-foot tall billboard in the middle of Manhattan's Union Square. When Amelia, at 14 the youngest of the sisters, lands a role in an off-Broadway play and breaks away from the sister act, the uneasy sibling rivalry surfaces and forces the three sisters and their brother to decide where their newfound fame will take them. In her funny and well-observed first novel, award-winning Broadway playwright Rebeck (Omnium Gatherum; Mauritius) weighs in on the peculiarity and absurdity of fame in modern America."
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