Thursday, March 20, 2008

26. Pendragon's Banner

By Helen Hollick
Rated 4.5 Stars
From Beth

I am so enjoying this new and different take on the Arthur story. I guess I just can get enough of him. I am copying the blurb from amazon because I am behind in updating this blog and besides I don't think I could possibly improve on it.

Blurb from amazon: Camelot is less a romantic kingdom than a lusty and fragmented realm in this spirited retelling of Arthurian legend, the second novel in Hollick's projected trilogy (The Kingmaker). Over the years, Arthur Pendragon and Gwenhwyfar have accumulated a vast array of estranged relatives, rivals and half-mad adversaries. Among the most formidable of their enemies are Winifred, Arthur's embittered ex-wife, who's plotting to ensconce her son, Cedric, as heir to the throne, and Morgause, a manipulative priestess who wants to consolidate her power in the north to become queen of the realm. Hollick manipulates a large cast of characters with a deft hand. She is most successful in depicting Arthur and Gwenhwyfar not as a newly married couple but as parents who grieve as their three sons are endangered by many calamities. In an author's note, Hollick writes: "Arthur Pendragon, to those people who study him, is a very personal and passionately viewed character. We all have our own ideas, insist ours is the correct one, and argue like mad with anyone who disagrees!" Hollick's interpretation is bold, affecting and well worth fighting to defend.
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