Tuesday, February 26, 2008

19. Body and Soul

Rated 4 Stars. Would have been 5+ but...

It was written for the most part in that &^$#@ *&%$!@ Stream of Consciousness style. ARGGGGGGG! I can't tell you how much I hate that. If the story hadn't been so darn good I would have wall banged this sucker. But it was a very powerful and compelling story although the basic plot was kind of predictable so I hung in there to the end.

FROM AMAZON: Thirty-one year old Anna has been cloistered in a strict convent in Wales for 13 years when she is called home to England to look after her brother's widow, children, and the family business. Already doubting her calling, Anna is thrown into a world that has changed dramatically since she left. She finds that she desperately misses the things that she will never have as a nun. Her habit starts to become a prison rather than a sanctuary. She must come to terms with her sexuality and her power as a woman and at the same time resolve her spiritual questions. Bernstein has written a very thoughtful and elegant book. Her dialog is faultless and her visual images rich. Most of the characters, especially the nuns, are well drawn and believable.
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