Sunday, December 2, 2007

110. Tomb of Zeus

By Barbara Cleverly
Rated 4 1/2 Stars

This is a new series for Cleverly and I am looking forward to reading the subsequent books. However I hope she doesn't abandon Inspector Joe Sandilands of Scotland Yard as I have become very fond of him. This book reminds me a tiny bit of Elizabeth Peter's heroine Vicky Bliss as I think there is more to her boyfriend than meets the eye.

--BOOK JACKET. "Born into a background of British privilege, Laetitia Talbot has been raised to believe there is no field in which she may not excel. She has chosen a career in the male-dominated world of archaeology, but she approaches her first assignment in Crete the only way she knows how - with dash and enthusiasm. Until she enters the Villa Europa, where something is clearly utterly amiss ..." "Her host, a charismatic archaeologist, is racing to dig up the fabled island's next great treasure - the tomb of the King of the Gods. But then a beautiful young woman is found hanged and a golden youth drives his Bugatti over a cliff. From out of the shadows come whispers of past loves, past jealousies, and ancient myths that sound an eerie discord with present events. Letty will need all her determination and knowledge to unravel the secrets beneath the Villa Europa's roof - and they will lead her into the darkest, most terrifying place of all."
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